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AHS Community Education Services Sessions
Please visit the CES website: to register and to learn more about TH and Audioline options.

Community Education Service is pleased to present the following sessions:
Conflict Between Separated Parents and Its Effect on Your Children available via TH/Audioline
Video Gaming: Cultural Shifts, Context, and Compelling Evidence for Why You Need to Know More About It
Drugs, Alcohol and the Teen: A Parent Presentation
From Sad to Depressed and Everything in Between: Child and Teen Grief
Post Concussion Syndrome in Youth available via TH/Audioline
Children Who Refuse to Visit after Separation: Alienated and Estranged Children available via TH/Audioline
Implementing Boundaries with Your Child
To register:

Parent Support Association of Calgary
(403) 270-1809
Worried about Your Teen and the Choices They’re Making?
Life Can Be Better – We can help!
Since 1982, the Parents Support Association of Calgary has provided confidential peer support groups for parents experiencing challenges with their youth throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. In a safe environment, parents share experiences, receive support and empowerment to deal with disruptive behaviours of their youth. Two programs are available:
Peer Support Groups: Weekly support group meetings provide parents with practical solutions and hope. Challenges may include mental health issues, truancy from school, drug/alcohol abuse, gang involvement, criminal activity, emotional/ physical abuse, noncompliance with rules and many more.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Groups: Peer support and advocacy are provided for parents and caregivers who are raising children/youth with a suspected/diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

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