Our Responsibilities


  • Getting to know you as a learner
  • Designing tasks and assessments that allow you to show what you know in
  • different ways.


  • Linking learning to your own personal context, across the disciplines andĀ to the whole school environment


  • Providing examples of quality work and criteria for success
  • Modeling positive citizenship and working together
  • Pursuing opportunities to grow and learn

Your responsibilities

As a learner

  • Evolving your knowledge of self and advocating for who you are
  • Completing tasks and assignments and showing/highlighting what you
  • know in a variety of ways
  • Learning about course outcomes and competencies and grade 12 exit
  • requirements
  • Demonstrating a consistent effort in academics and extra curricular
  • Optimizing use of focus time to enhance your learning

As a leader

  • Providing leadership to RTHS to strengthen the school community
  • Contributing your ideas about tasks and assessments

As a citizen

  • Practicing academic integrity
  • Modeling positive citizenship, including digital citizenship
  • Collaborating positively with others

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