The aim of senior high school Career and Life Management (CALM) is to enable students to make well-informed, considered decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviours and attitudes that contribute to the well-being and respect of self and others, now and in the future. CALM is the core course for health literacy at the senior high school level in Alberta.

At Robert Thirsk High School we have embedded most of the outcomes of CALM into the weekly Connect Time and Focus Block. This brings authenticity to the CALM outcomes and allows you to earn credits through the Connect Time process. In addition to the work you do during connect time, you may be required to complete independent assignments. Your Connect Teacher will support you with the assessments and he/she may give you time in Focus Block to achieve the outcomes.

At Robert Thirsk High School we recognize and value that developing career and health literacy is not an event- it is a process.

NOTE: Students will begin CALM in Grade 10 Connect and complete the course by the end of Grade 11 and receive 3 credits required to graduate. In addition, they will focus time on a successful transition to high school.

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