The Calgary Board of Education believes that there is a strong positive correlation between attendance and effective education. You are required to attend regularly and punctually so that we have a school environment which supports and fosters excellence in learning, teaching, and other school activities.


Please have your parents/guardians call into our Attendance Line 403-817-3400 and press 1 to report an absence or late. The attendance line is open 24 hours. You can check your teachers’ online site through the links in the Virtual Learning Commons to find out what you missed. Be sure to chat with your teacher or classmates to stay on track!

After three absences your subject teacher will discuss attendance with you and inform your Connect teacher. You and your Connect teacher will work together to create an action plan if necessary and your parents will be informed. If your attendance continues to be a problem you will be directed to the administrator attached to your community to help you resolve it.

Sign Out Book – If you leave the building during class time for an appointment please sign out in the office. If you are under 18 please have your parent phone in prior to the appointment to excuse and explain your absence.

Lates –  Please go directly to class and check in with  your teacher who will have marked you absent and will change the attendance to show your late arrival.

Extended Absence – Be sure to plan for an extended absence (more than 3 days) by completing and submitting the Extended Absence Forms to the office.  It is important for you to talk with your teachers about what you can do when you are gone, what can be done when you are back and how we can adjust the program so you can stay on track.

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