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Mr. Anders Alm

Teacher, ELA Learning Leader (Teacher)

Learning Community: Orange (Grade 12)
Courses/Programs: ELA 30-1, Humanities 20
ELA 30-1, Humanities 20

I’m passionate about literature, and I love to discuss ideas related  to life and existing in this world (of which we are an intrinsic part).  I love learning through the arts, and I teach ELA and Humanities through the arts.  It is my firm belief there are many natural connections between the arts, literature, sciences, mathematics.

Outside of the classroom environment, my daughters (ages 6 & 7) amaze me daily!  My wife and I love to travel the world with our family (this summer I spent a month in Nicaragua).  I love soccer (world football), board-sports (snowboarding and surfing in particular), playing in the most beautiful environment in Canada (the Rocky Mountains in Calgary’s backyard), and challenging my brain with chess on a daily basis.

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