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Mr. Keith Christensen

Learning Leader of Career and Technology Studies (Teacher)

Learning Community: Orange (Grade 11)
Courses/Programs: Design, Engineering and Innovation (DEI)
Design, Engineering and Innovation (DEI)

I believe that Career and Technology Courses are an important part of a students exploration into the future. They provide a great opportunity for students to “try-on” different career hats before having to make important career choices after high school. I also believe that they provide an amazing experience in the world of practical, hands-on project based learning that mirror the working world outside of school. CTS courses also help students identify and develop the 21st century competencies that will help them be successful in any given field.  This year I am excited to offer a new course called Design Thinking for Innovation. This course encourages students to take on longer term interdisciplinary innovation projects.

The core skill of innovators is error recovery, not failure avoidance.   (Randy Nelson)

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