Staff List


Name Learning Community Position Subjects Email
Abrams, Mr. Joel Orange (Grade 12) Learning Leader (Teacher) Band, Technical Theatre
Alm, Mr. Anders Orange (Grade 11) Teacher, ELA Learning Leader (Teacher) ELA 30-1, Humanities 20
Barnfather, Mrs. Stefanie Blue (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Learning Program (Life Skills and Literacy), Show Choir, Art
Baum, Mrs. Julie Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Sports Performance, Physical Education
Blenkhorne, Mr. Scott Blue (Grade 11) Teacher, Learning Leader - Technology (Teacher) Computer Science
Bogensberger, Mrs. Kyra Assistant Principal (Administrator)
Booth, Ms. Becky Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Physics 20, Physics 30, Science 30
Brandstadt, Ms. Heidi Blue (Grade 12) Learning Leader - Blue 12 & Science (Teacher) Biology 20/30/35 AP, Biology 30
Campagne, Ms. Whitney Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Science, Mathematics, Interventions
Christensen, Mr. Keith Orange (Grade 10) Learning Leader of Career and Technology Studies (Teacher) Electro-Technologies, Makerspace
Christison, Dr. Matt Principal (Administrator)
Clark, Ms. Gayleena Assistant Principal (Administrator)
Colwell, Ms. Diane Orange (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Art 10, 20 ,30
Connelly, Mrs. Jacqui Orange (Grade 10) Learning Leader - Orange 10 Community, English Discipline (Teacher) English 10, A.P. English 20, A.P. English 35
Cowley, Ms. Sandra Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Learning Program - all subjects
Daley, Mrs. Linda Blue (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) ELA 20
de Lange, Mr. Owen Orange (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Math 20-3
Drake, Mrs. Jane Blue (Grade 12) Learning Leader - Success Centre (Teacher) Interventions
Duguay, Ms. Anne Blue (Grade 10) Teacher, Learning Leader (Teacher) Science 10, Math 10, Biology
Fitzpatrick, Ms. Leanne Red (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) French 10, 20, 30
Fortier, Ms. Keltie Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) English, ELL
Frizzell, Mr. Paul Red (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Science 10, Science 24, Chemistry 30
Gale, Ms. Lori Orange (Grade 12) Social Studies and Community Learning Leader (Teacher) Social Studies 30-1, Social Studies Accelerated 20/30, Humanities 20
Grant, Mrs. Leanne Blue (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) ELA 10, ELA 20, ELA 30-1, Social Studies 10
Grossman, Mr. Matthew Orange (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Electro- Technologies, Construction Technologies, Dual Credit Carpentry.
Heron, Ms. Natasha Orange (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Biology
Hogaboam, Mr. Kyle Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Social Studies
Holmes, Mr. Jarrod Orange (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) English Language Arts 30-1, English Language Arts 30-2, English Language Arts 20
Horricks, Ms. Kim Career Practitioner (Support Staff)
Huddleston, Mrs. Amanda Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) English Language Arts, Creative Writing
Ingram, Mrs. Deb Orange (Grade 11) Counsellor (Teacher) Success Center-Counsellor
Jankowski, Mrs. Tracy Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Sports Performance; Physical Education
Jorgensen, Mr. Ken Blue (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Physical Education, Outdoor Leadership, Sports Medicine
Kraatz, Ms. Lea Red (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) English Language Arts
Lake, Mr. Warren Blue (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Biology 30 - Natural Science 10/20/30
Lakhani, Mrs. Reneeta Red (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Math 30-2, Math 30-1, Math 31
LaPierre, Ms. Jennifer Secretary- Success Center (Support Staff)
Lau, Mr. Leon Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Biology 20, Chemistry 20
Liew, Mr. Vernon Orange (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Math 10C, Math 20-1
Little, Mr. Adam Red (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Mathematics and Science
Lovatt, Dr. Tracie Red (Grade 10) Counsellor (Teacher) Personal, academic, career counselling
Love, Mrs. Kate Red (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Yoga 15, Yoga 25, Yoga 35, Dance 15, Dance 25, Dance 35
Lutzmann, Ms. Carly Learning Leader – International Student Program and English Language Learning ()
MacGillivray, Ms. Claire Orange (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Social Studies
Maciejko, Ms. Alexis Blue (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Interventions
Maheu, Mr. Steve Red (Grade 11) Learning Leader - Athletics (Teacher) Physical Education
Mann, Ms. Donna Red (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Cook Trade
McGuinness, Mr. Mark Red (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Chemistry 30, Science 30
Melnyk, Mr. Tyler Red (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Social Studies 20/30
Mooney, Ms. Sarah Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Math 20-2, Math 30-2
Morrow, Ms. Dawna Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Physics 20, Biology 20
Muhlberger, Ms. Julie Red (Grade 10) Learning Leader - Social Studies (Grade 10 Red Community) (Teacher) SS10/SS30-1
Nickerson, Mrs. Janet Blue (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Math 20-1, PhysMath 20
Nielsen, Ms. Lisa Orange (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Legal Studies 10/20/30, Leadership 10/20/30
Nordhagen, Ms. Christine 4th Year Teacher (Teacher) PE 10 20 30
Pocock, Mr. Matt Orange (Grade 11) Teacher/Chef (Teacher) Cook Trade, CTS Foods, K&E Foods
Rowe, Mr. Peter Red (Grade 10) Grade 10 Learning Leader, Math Learning Leader (Teacher) Math 10, Math 30-1
Schaub, Ms. Cheryl Red (Grade 12) Learning Leader (Teacher) Math 20-1, Math 30-1, Math 30-1/31AP, Math 31
Seal, Mr. Jeff Technology Support Specialist (Support Staff)
Shalley, Mrs. Lynn Administrative Assistant (Support Staff)
Sheehan, Ms. Katelyn Orange (Grade 10) Teacher (Teacher) Science 10, Math 20-1
Siegle, Mr. Chris Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Social 30-1, Psychology 30, Dual Credit Psychology
Smith, Ms. Lynda Orange (Grade 11) Learning Leader - Learning Commons (Teacher) Learning Commons
Smith, Ms. Jennifer Orange (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Robert Thirsk High School, 8777 Nosehill Dr. NW
Steiner, Mrs. Carrie Red (Grade 12) First Nations, Metis and Inuit Success Coach (Teacher) Visual Art, First Nations Metis and Inuit Success Coach
Stevens, Mr. Grant Blue (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) CTS, Social Studies
Stevenson, Mr. Erik Red (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Spanish 10 and 20. Phys. Ed. 10,20,30
Stewart, Mrs. Diana Orange (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Sports Medicine, Physical Education, Sports Performance
Walyuchow, Mr. Corey Blue (Grade 12) Teacher (Teacher) Work Experience, RAP, Green Certificate, Business Opportunity 10,20,30. Physical education 10,20,30.
Williams, Mr. Benji Blue (Grade 11) Learning Leader - Physical Education (Teacher) Physical Education, Sports Performance
Woeckener, Mrs. Michelle Orange (Grade 11) Teacher (Teacher) Drama, Advanced Acting, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, Learning Program

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