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Fundraising plays an important role in the success of RTHS’s music program. Your children have the opportunity to earn money towards their personal fundraising account through various fundraising initiatives that occur throughout the year. These fundraising efforts enable students to have greater enrichment opportunities in music through enrichment trips that the groups participate in. Participation in each fundraiser is voluntary and the onus is on the student to gather pertinent information from the teacher.

The key benefit of fundraising is that when trips are planned, students will be able to use the amount in their accounts to offset trip costs. This fund can only be used to offset travel costs. Any money left in the student’s account at the end of their time in RTHS will revert to the “school” band fundraising account and will be used to subsidize travel for any students who require financial assistance. Individual student’s accounts are transferable to siblings who are enrolled in the Robert Thirsk Music Program or who are joining the program in the following year.

Limited funds may be available for those students and their families experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay for various enrichment activities provided by the music department. In order to qualify for these funds, students and their families must qualify for assistance through the CBE. In order to access these funds, please contact Mr. Abrams and/or Mrs. Meaden to discuss a plan and opportunities to fundraise.

As mentioned above, although fundraising is vital to the program, it is not mandatory. Fundraising is a personal choice and each family should decide the extent of their participation.

Fee Waiver Application Form

RTHS Fundraising and Philanthropy

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