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“Game of Tiaras” by Don Zolidis- Dec 4-7

Student Matinee: Monday, Dec. 4th @ 3:30pm  Cost: $2.00

Click here to buy tickets for Wed. Dec 6th  6:30 pm  $10.00

Click here to buy tickets for Thursday Dec 7th  6:30 pm $10.00

* Note: Doors open at 6:15 pm

Shakespeare’s King Lear, Game of Thrones and Disney Princesses come together in a tragic comedy that will have you laughing and guessing at who will be the victor!  Sorry Monty Python, you have nothing on this…

Princesses aren’t just sweetness and light,

Princes always fall in love at first sight,

Is there a hero that will win?

Or will the kingdom finally fall to a villain?

Doors open – 6:15pm

Doors close – 6:30pm

Brief intermission will occur.
Late arrivals may need to wait for an appropriate time to enter the theatre.

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