In Drama 10/20/30, we explore the world of theatre in a variety of ways. Several of the key learning components include Theatre History (Shakespeare, Greek Theatre, Canadian Theatre), Improvisation, Directing, Playwriting, Movement, and Voice. Through these units, students are able to get a firm grasp on the nature of performing, as well as build confidence and develop a passion for the arts.

In Advanced Acting 15/25/35, students will build upon what they have learned, or are learning, in Drama, with the added component that they will perform a live show at the end of the semester. Every student who auditions for this course, and gets in, has the opportunity to develop a character and learn about the fulfilling rigours of the rehearsal process. This very professional experience allows students to get first hand knowledge of what it’s like to perform with a theatrical company while continuing to develop confidence and a love of theatre.

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