The goal of this series of courses (Dance 15, 25, 35) is to develop an understanding of dance as an art, an athletic skill and a means for self-expression.  As a performance art, students will rehearse for and participate in performances for opportunities including pep rallies, assemblies, arts galas and other community events. Enrolled dancers explore a variety of dance styles and techniques from up to four distinct styles of movement including Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern and West African Dance.  The courses focus on developing proper technique, exploring choreography and unleashing creativity while training safety and physical agility. Students also study the anatomy, history and practice mindful awareness while rehearsing. Positive interaction skills such as cooperation, consideration for others, self-discipline, leadership and collaboration will be stressed.  Evaluation is based on student engagement, understanding of dance styles, choreographic comprehension, contributions to our dance community as a collaborator/leader, and progress in alignment and rhythm principals in various genres of dance. Prerequisite for Dance 15: none, Prerequisite for Dance 25: successful completion of Dance 15 or teacher recommendation, Prerequisite for Dance 35: successful completion of Dance 25 or teacher recommendation.

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