This course provides an introduction to the visual arts at the high school level. No previous art courses are required for you to experience success. Taking this course will help you develop new skills and refine previously acquired skills through the exploration of various materials and techniques. Opportunities to creatively express yourself through various methods of painting, drawing, sculpting, etc will be provided.


Art 20 is designed to develop, expand and refine your confidence and abilities when communicating visually. You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques in both two and three dimensional work. Increasingly you will select personal themes for expression, allowing you to assess your interest and potential through the visual arts.


The emphasis of Art 30 is to foster within you an independent and stylistic characteristic common to practicing artists. You are expected to achieve and exhibit a personal style through in-depth study. Personal experiences will be used as a source of images. Research of selected artists and periods will be incorporated into the course.

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