RTHS Remembers

RTHS Remembers

In two moving Remembrance Day ceremonies over one hundred-thirty students and staff members  wrote, spoke, danced, performed,  provided technical skills and demonstrated through their time, efforts and talents how we at Thirsk honour those who served and those who continue to serve. Congratulations to our amazing Fine Arts staff, under the leadership of Learning Leader Mr. Joel Abrams,  and their students for their hard work and dedication.

In the words of our principal, Dr. Christison:

The audiences in both Remembrance Day assemblies were exemplary, demonstrating a level of respect and citizenship exceeding all expectations – and given “our students” are amazing every day, today was one of the most exemplary in a very rich array of exemplary Thirsk days.  Kudos to students and to you as staff for encouraging, teaching and supporting all students in their behaviours, attitudes and responses.

Well done.  Well remembered.

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